12 Of The Best Math iPad Apps Of 2012



TeachThought and TWA are pleased to bring you another ‘Best of 2012′ app list: 12 Of The Best Math iPad Apps Of 2012. We love these math apps for classroom use, but they’re also great for homeschooling, mobile learning, and basic practice. And perhaps best of all for classroom teachers, the apps on this post can be aligned with the Common Core Standards.

1. From the opening screen, kids will be entranced with Bugs and Numbers, the newest app from LittleBit Studio.  The illustrations are just breathtaking and will capture a child’s attention right from the beginning.  Pick from eighteen different locations, such as the pizzeria, train station, garage or theater, as well as, the option to have multiple users. Unlike other apps that may repeat the same thing over and over, this app is fresh and new.  Whimsical music in each of the rooms adds to the fun. This game has a much bigger range in math skills than their previous apps.  Try early math skills such as matching numbers and shapes, and move all the way through fractions. Even within each game, the levels progress and become harder and harder. (Full review)

2. Squeebles Maths Bingo, by Key Stage Fun – Math Monster is back and has once again stolen the ingredients.  Meet new Squeebles with wacky personalities and try to make the best ice cream.  Help Ruby earn ice cream cones by solving math problems that are either addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or mixed problems.  Earn a customer by solving the problems quickly and accurately. (Full review)

3. The same developer scored again with Squeebles Fractions and has made learning easy with its wonderful quirky characters, but the mean Math Monster is once again stealing tokens. Earn tokens to help the Squeebles make special cakes. Try Tricky Pairs where a child has to determine equivalent fractions. Feed those hungry Squeebles with Piece of Cake.  Super Sums requires adding fractions. (Full review)

We also highly recommend Squeebles Addition & Subtraction and Times Tables: Squeebles for iPad!

4. We’ve been using Math Drills, by Instant Interactive, with our students for several years. Now that we are teaching in a 1:1 iPad program, every student has an iPad. All of our students have used this app as it automatically records all data when on Test Mode. Math Drills is an app every child needs at some point in their schooling, to easily master basic math facts in the four operations. Math Drills allows students to practice and monitor their growth and continue to build a solid foundation.  All that follows will depend upon the strength of that base. (Full review)

 5. Operation Math Code Squad, by Spinlight Studio, is a brilliant multiplayer game for keeping kids current on all four math operations by jointly beating the clock. Code Squad is not for the faint of heart, and it does take teamwork and quick wit to reach all five levels of play. The premise behind Code Squad is to reach each level of difficulty through collaboration and cooperation. Our experience in the classroom proved this app to be a winner in getting kids engaged and working together. Having an app that allows for multiplayer access is a beautiful thing for the classroom setting. The Code Squad app is a must have in any classroom, our kids are clamoring to play together and win together. (Full review)

6. MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined, by Dactyl Applications, is a remarkable app that keeps kids engaged and striving to do better, over and over again. Best part, it can actually adjust the questions as you go, the ones you get wrong will be the ones you get again. MultiFlow scales the difficulty of the questions based on your ability to answer questions and it adapts and tracks progress. Let’s face it, some skills just have to be learned, and multiplication is one of them. Some children struggle more than others so when you find something that really works, that the kids like, ask to play, and want to know how they can get on their devices at home, you have a winner! Sharing great finds is what we at TWA like to do, especially when growth is monitored and documented! Full review

7. Times Tables Pro by frogameleon Ltd – Practice and test multiplication tables in a sleek, but simple app form. Bot is a 21st century buddy, whom you will be competing against. What we liked from the get-go were all the options of multiplication tables kids could practice, learn, test, and review… all with a pace that suits the user! The menu gives so many choices – how many problems to work on, timed with three speeds or no timer, multiple choice or keyboard answers. Every aspect can be customized to the individual player’s needs. One of the best features is the ‘Review Bank’. Any gaps in specific knowledge of a problem can be easily brought to the forefront and be addressed. What really sets this app apart is the sophisticated, no-nonsense, mature approach. Even an adult would feel comfortable with the polished presentation. (Full review)

8. Long Multiplication by Esa Helttula & iDevBooks – This math app is just one of many invaluable teaching tools for teaching math in a concrete, demonstration format, where numbers move to their appropriate place. For students, this is a simple, yet exact, straight forward, visual lesson on how long multiplication is set up and solved in a step by step formula. This is not a new app, but it definitely deserves to be included in this list. The developer was included in Teachers With Apps’ list of  Top Ten Outstanding Developers of 2011. The students that we work with are always in awe as they watch the numbers glide to their positions and neatly set the problem up for them, guaranteeing that all of their columns will be where they need to be. Long Multiplication is not a groundbreaking game, but rather a best practice solution to a much needed basic concept that students need to master. They will be using this information all throughout their lives. This developer has an entire suite of mainly math apps; all excellent, concise, & easy for students to grasp the core concept. (Full review)

9. Dragon Box + by WeWantToKnow – As we are moving further into the 21st century, students are expecting that their learning include digital devices. In addition, it is becoming increasingly common that the content being taught is presented in a way that includes online gaming, simulations, and/or augmented reality. What better way to teach abstract content, such as algebra, than to teach it with games?!? Teaching with games motivates and engages students. On the contrary, the old approach might not really help kids understand the concept entirely and mastery can be an uphill battle. In addition, the equations and formulas being taught are abstract; they are not something concrete that the students can relate to. It is the teacher’s job to teach the material in a way the students can relate to make it meaningful to them, Dragon Box does just that, for you! (Full review)

10. Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game, by InterAction Education and Zephyr Games, Second year in a row this app has made our Best of list! This app introduces a revolutionary “video-like” gaming app for practicing math facts. One of our students called it, “The Call of Duty,” of math games. Adam Coccari, teacher and creator of Math Evolve, sums it up best when he says, “Achieving success in all levels of math starts with having a solid foundation in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.” Mastering these facts takes time and lots of practice, Math Evolve has taken care of all of that in an enormously engaging format. (Full review)

11. iTooch Junior High School, by eduPAD, is a terrific app that covers a lot of ground content wise and we highly recommend this app and encourage you to check out their math sections.  iTooch Junior High School has more than 10,000 exercises in ELA (reading, writing vocabulary, grammar) and Math (properties and operations, graphs, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability, and data analysis). The iTooch combines a no-frills approach to content while still providing the user with an exciting learning experience.  One of the most impressive features in itooch apps is the variety of questions and answers; you might encounter a true-false,  open answer, type in a word or number, multiple choice or be given a calculator- you never know what to expect and it keeps kids on their toes and increases the learning opportunities. Questions contain text, images, sounds, hints, detailed answers, and settings for difficulty, allowed time, and points. The mascot is adorable and keeps kids on task with lots of encouragement and their is a lesson summary available when needed. (Full review)

12. Elevated Math – This wonderful math tool has been front and center for some time, and we wanted to give credit where credit is due. Elevated Math was featured in a guest post by Jeff Harris. This app is an excellent teaching app that teaches basic math through Algebra 1. Utilizing cartoons and humor, and engages kids on various levels. This app breaks down Algebra into small, easy to understand parts. It pauses frequently to allow students to write notes and complete problems on a provided whiteboard feature. A favorite feature of the program is its ability to help teachers answer the age-old question, “When am I ever going to use this stuff?” Its “career video” section has interviews with professionals discussing how they use math in their everyday lives. A great way to show kids why they need to learn math! Read: Moving Young Minds with Middle School Math Apps.

*We bestowed honors on two other math apps in our 12 Best Children’s Educational Apps of 2012:  Native Numbers and Numerosity: Play with Math! Check them out too!

  • shahalam

    Math !! I always get afraid of math, I could not give my concentration during mathematics class, my head is almost moving. I am very happy to find this apps, I will check as early as possible.
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  • mitila F

    Thanks for the listing, I will share this apps among my students,

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  • mindware

    Thanks for the site. The availability of good math apps is changing quickly. It may be nice to rescan the options for a new review. Please consider a new one to the field, “Interactive Geometry” (InGeometry). Thank you.

  • ihomeeducator

    Thank you for the list!

    Also please see the iLiveMath series for iOS
    Winning Best Math Award by IEAR.org for Cross-Curricular Math Word Problems.
    A new iLiveMath1234 series has come out in 2013 aligned with Common Core State Standards by operational type for Android, iOS, and HTML5 Web-App users.


  • Sherwood_of_the_Forest

    I need to tutor my nephew in algebra. He’s 3000 miles away. We both have iPads. Skype or the phone can handle the voice channel.

    I would like an application with the following:

    Each of us can draw on our ipad at the same time, Whatever we draw appears on the other screen.

    Option for different colors. E.g. He draws in black, I draw in red.

    Ability for either person to erase/modify their work, with a toggle to switch between ‘erase mine’ vs ‘erase evertything under the eraser’

    Ability to hit a one button save/mail screen.

    Ability to scroll/magnify screen. Each iPad has a several viewport on the canvas.

    Ability to snap and crop a picture and paste into screen.


    In essence, I want to set him a problem, or allow him to snap a picture of a problem. Then while he works it, I can ‘red-line’ places where he has made an error, taken an invalid shortcut, etc. He can correct his error, leaving my redline, I can then check and remove my redline.

    Nice to have:

    Multiple sessions so I can work with several students at once.
    Handwriting recognition that turns scrawled math into typeset equations.

    So far the programs I’ve found have one or more of the following limitations:

    A: Only one person can draw at a time.
    B: Only one color can be in use at a time.
    C: You can’t erase.
    D: Your canvas is limited to one screen
    E: Interaction is limited to WiFi.
    F: Interaction is one way: It’s essentially a presentation tool.

    • Gempy

      Try Google Hangouts with Google Docs. Using computers you can share screens and documents while video chatting.

  • Teachley

    Have you looked at Teachley: Addimal Adventure for iPads? Addimal Adventure teaches single-digit addition to K-2nd grade students. Unlike other addition apps which use flashcards and digital worksheets, Addimal Adventure teaches 4 effective strategies to teach addition. bit.ly/addimals

  • Teacher3

    As a parent and teacher, I think Medieval Math is the best app for math facts yet.

  • Claudia

    You could also check out Algebra Quiz Game. It lets you practice algebra alone or play an algebra game with your Facebook friends.

  • Eimis

    Great TOP! I love every math games because I love to do an math. One of my fav math apps is “LMath” it looks simple and it’s fun to play it! You could play alone and increase your math skills, or you can compete with your friends. It even has a MULTIPLAYER mode! Check it out.

  • Ivi Roal

    Hi All, Our educational kids’ app: “Ice Math Ninja” was just selected as “10 Best Technology of 2013″ by Dr. Toy Awards.
    It will be free from Nov5 until Nov7 at: http://www.pers.com/a/pr/pookie_tushka_imn_app.html
    Please check it out!

  • Niike

    There is a new math game called TrioMath out on iPad for up to 5 players.

  • Jari

    Looking for more math games then take a look at Addathon, there’s math challenges for both young and old http://www.brutalbit.com/addathon/media.aspx

  • Phani

    I have seen this app as the best maths formulas app after introduced from android market from one of my friends for its great reviews.


  • Mrs. Yang

    Math Friendzy is pretty awesome… I’m a teacher and I use all of the Friendzy apps from http://www.letsleapahead.com in my classroom!

  • Joel

    Try toytheater.com it has good math games for K-3 that work on iPad with no download

  • Brian

    I like http://www.mobiusmath.com. it’s a website as opposed to app but still works on a tablet.

  • App Hunter

    Honestly did any one check the following “Math formulas” app by Whitesof?
    which is also available in Google play and Blackberry in top 10 list.

  • Irit

    Fizzledee Shoo on Apple store. It incorporates humor in the context of a story that keeps kids engaged.

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  • Codewise Systems

    Test your reflexes and first grade math skills with this funny game.
    It’s free!

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    fast pace math game that will challenge your brain and improve your mental math – http://bit.ly/howfastcanyoumath

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  • senor

    Another app I really like is Smartnugget.
    It teaches you a new piece of information/trivia every day. It is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play!

  • Peter Tomasovic

    Hi my name is Peter. Do you like pairs matching game? Try Eduxeso math – combination of math and matching game. Train your math skills, recognition and concentration.

    Some levels are very challenging.

    iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eduxeso-math-learn-math-play/id917237598?mt=8
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explain3d.eduxesomath
    WP: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/eduxeso-math-pairs-matching-game/64f12195-b193-4471-87ec-2693628690ec

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