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July 2013: TeachThought Is Hiring An Intern

Note: These are a remote, “telecommute” position

TeachThought is an exploding brand whose mission is quite simply to learn better.

Whether through the integration of technology, improved learning models, or better access to the very best in learning resources (curriculum, apps, tips, professional development, consulting, etc.), we provide K-20 educators with the macro thinking and micro tools to improve learning in their classroom or related learning environment.

And that’s where you come in.

After starting as an English-Language arts teaching blog, we re-launched around 8 months ago in late summer 2012 with a much broader focus, a stronger network, and quantifiable goals to measure our impact on education. But these ambitious efforts require lots of time, research, expertise, and new thinking.

That means a unique opportunity for you, and a significant need for us.

What You Get

1. To work with some of the premier educational “entities,” from teachers and author experts to app developers and social media.

2. To have your writing read by 300,000+ unique visitors per month.

3. To learn the process of establishing and managing a progressive educational brand from the ground up–daily blogging and social media activity to research, planning, collaboration, and all the experience that comes with it all.

4. To help brainstorm, design, implement, and execute new projects in the ecology of 21st century education.

5. Resume builder FTW! (For now, the position is unfunded/unpaid.)

What We Get

A your-word-is-enough commitment of a 6 week trial period at around 5 hours per week, at which point we’ll revisit the terms of our relationship and mutual commitment.

What You Should Have

Must Haves: Experience in education of some kind, a passion for learning, an open mind, access to a computer and internet connect, and at least 5 hours per week of availability

Would Be Nice: Experience in a K-20+ classroom, a passion for technology, an iPad and/or Android tablet, iPhone or Android a smartphone, and experience with social media

If you any of this sounds like it’d be up your alley, send us a short email explaining why you’re the right person for this role. Note that as a growing brand, we’re not a traditional company with traditional roles and structures.

(Valve’s employee handbook can help flesh out what we mean here better than we can if you don’t mind skimming a 37 page pdf; note that we do not work with Valve–this is just an example of a different kind of company architecture that is non-traditional, at times non-linear, and highly dependent on initiative and creative spirit.)

We look forward to learning more about you.

No other positions are available at this time.