The Four Stages Of The Self-Directed Learning Model


self-directed learning stages

Self-Directed Learning is not new.

Studied in terms of adult education and vocation for years, self-directed learning is increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons, including growing dissatisfaction with public schooling, and the rich formal and informal learning materials available online. This is the “age of information” after all. Self-directed learning is one response, something slideshare user Barbara Stokes captures in this chart.

The four stages–very similar to the gradual release of responsibility model–appear below.

The Four Stages Of The Self-Directed Learning Model

Learner            Teacher

Stage 1   Dependent        Authority, Coach

Stage 2:  Interested          Motivator, Guide

Stage 3:  Involved             Facilitator

Stage 4:  Self-Directed     Consultant, Delegator

Theories of Teaching and Learning: The Staged Self-Directed Learning Model, G.Grow. from Barbara Stokes