Game-Based Learning? 30 Non-Violent Video Games That Don’t Suck


One person’s mushroom stomper is another’s person’s fungus murderer.

So it may not be absolutely correct to say that every single one of these games is entirely free from any matter of violence whatsoever. In fact, in Braid, you can indeed “die” falling on spikes. But for the most part, they are indeed non-violent games, and certainly nothing approach the reality of many modern “shooters.” Violence is a matter of degrees if not interpretation.

Truth be told, most non-violent games aren’t fun. Why that is isn’t simple, but for now let’s just establish that it’s at least partially true.

But there are exceptions, and that list is growing.

Whether for game-based learning, or simply for fun to play, any of these games represents an impressive design achievement, and is definitely worth a play.

30 Non-Violent Video Games For Game-Based Learning That Don’t Suck

1. Portal 2

2. Fez

3. Sims 3

4. Katamari Damacy

5. Democracy 2

6. Unmechanical

7. Minecraft

8. Flower

9. Journey

10. Braid

11. Tetris

12. Civilization V

13. Skate

14. Gran Turismo 5

15. Just Dance

16. Rock Band/Guitar Hero

17. Little Big Planet

18. Amazing Alex

19. Bridge Constructor

20. Super Monkey Ball

21. Puddle

22. Harvest Moon

23. Super Mario Bros.

24. NBA Jam

25. Rochard

26. Chime

27. Farming Simulator

28. Pid

29. Tumble

30. World of Goo

Game-Based Learning? 30 Non-Violent Video Games That Don’t Suck