Library For All Kickstarter Seeks To Support Global Literacy


by Deborah Kwon, Library for All

Mobile access around the world continues to expand, yet access to educational materials is still largely limited in developing countries. What’s the hold up?

There is an unfulfilled opportunity to bring sustainable educational tools to students in low-resource communities, digitally. There are still many organizations/initiatives that send paper books internationally. Shipping books is costly – and more often than not – the material is outdated, culturally disparate, and/or linguistically incompatible with the end users.  

In short, the books being sent aren’t beneficial if the kids are unable to understand what they’re reading.

Library For All wants to change this reality by launching a digital library platform in Haiti this Fall. We want to make educational materials accessible and relevant to kids around the world. This would be in the form of eBooks and other educational content that could be read on an inexpensive tablet, mobile phone, or e-reader.

We already have top US publishers, NYU as a research partner, and a school in Haiti that we’re working with. Right now, we’re running our Kickstarter campaign to get the library coded and ready to be piloted!

You can check out our Kickstarter project here: Library For All and our Kickstarter page with others – it will help a great deal to get the word out about our project!




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