51 Twitter Chat & Hashtag Tools To Help You Connect

twitter-hashtag-chat-tools-connect51 Twitter Chat & Hashtag Tools To Help You Connect

Twitter is a brilliant tool to distribute information, follow ideas, and stay up to date with what’s trending in whatever niche you’re interested in following. In education, that could be curriculum, 21st century learning, education technology, assessment, or future learning trends like mobile learning, blended learning, and dozens of others.

Twitter chats and #hashtags are exceptional ways to enable the above, allowing real-time and asynchronous discussions and other connections that can help you improve your craft as an educator.

We’ve covered various ways to use twitter in the classroom before. The following list from listly user Kevin Mullet–a collection of “tools that help you specifically participate in, find, schedule, list, search, curate from, discover followers of, and report on hashtags and hashtag twitter chats”–is a great start in identifying the tools above and beyond hashtags, tweetdeck, and other go-tos in twitterverse. If you’re looking to shift from lurking to connecting, there are tools to help you make that happen.

We’ve created these kinds of lists in the past, but these tools often come like flashes–here and gone in a matter of months, resulting in dead links, hijacked sites, and tools that have fallen out of favor. Let us know in the comments if there are useful tools you use not on the list!

51 Twitter Chat & Hashtag Tools To Help You Connect