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On Windows Mobile? Consider #AppSocial To Socialize How You Find Apps

appsocial-windows-mobileOn Windows Mobile? Consider #AppSocial To Socialize How You Find Apps

Full disclosure: Nokia contracted TeachThought to help them spread the word about a new app they developed for Windows Mobile that is designed to help you find better apps that better fit your needs. So we took a look to see how it works, and if it’s worth your time.

Short answer: If you’re on Windows Mobile, it is.

Socializing processes like reading, searching, and saving used to be seem awkward. Now it seems naked without it.

It’s not that everything needs to be shared; it’s that we should be able to depend on our personal and professional networks to help us spot stuff we miss, challenge our thinking, help us identify resources, and contexualize things for us we don’t understand. Which brings us to #AppSocial.

The idea is that those people in your social networks will often gravitate towards the same things you. Whatever it is that linked you and another person together in the first place will probably manifest itself in other ways–like a love of pictures, Chinese food, and specific productivity patterns (which makes you both love Evernote, pinterest, and twitter). 

Using it is simple enough–find people you know, or app collections that click with you, and follow those people or those collections in hopes of finding more of the apps you’re looking for. Because we’re educators, we put together a list of our own–20 of the Best Mobile Apps for Game-Based Learning, and will have more collections in the future as the Windows Mobile app ecology grows.


#AppSocial, by Nokia, is only available for Windows Phones. (Which, if you haven’t seen them lately, you may want to take a look at–especially the Lumia 1020 and 1520.) 

But if you don’t have a Windows Phone you can’t see the list, and we may have just wasted two minutes of your life you’ll never get back.

You can see more in the video below. 

On Windows Mobile? Consider #AppSocial To Socialize How You Find Apps