17 iPad Tips & Tricks For Beginners

You heard the reasoning. You saw it in action. You bought an iPad.

Now what do you do?

Before you take off for the App Store to hunt for apps, take a few minutes to watch the video below by SimplyZesty to have a better idea of some of the tips, tricks, and shortcuts available to you as a proud new iPad user.

1. Take screenshots

2. iPad Slideshow

3. More Apps in Your Dock

4. Shut Down Apps

5. Avoid App Exits

6. Erase All Data

7. Side Switch

8. Default Search Engine

9. Enable Restrictions

10. Set A Complex Password

11. Custom Shortcuts

12. Multi-Touch Gestures

13. Custom Spotlight Search

14. Traffic On Maps

15. Built-in Dictionary

16. Punctuation Shortcuts

17. Music Player

Image attribution: flickr user meedanphotos

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