5 Sure-Fire Signs Twitter Has Jumped The Shark

Has twitter jumped the shark?

Yesterday we’d have answered no, but after seeing these products we’re beginning to wonder. As a social media platform, twitter is so easy to love (Imagine Google+ products), but consumerism eventually gets to everyone.

5 Sure-Fire Signs Twitter Has Jumped The Shark

1. Twitter Sneakers are oddly desirable, no? And high tops no less, making them perfect for dropping triple-doubles at the park.


twitter shoes


2. A twitter chalkboard, for those times when the electricity goes out, or when technological regression seems preferable to progression.



3. A twitter notepad–this one is charming. It even limits the number of characters you can use. If you really want to disturb the space-time continuum, fill it out, take a picture, then tweet that. If someone actually responds, fill out your reply tweet here, being sure to @ mention others you want to bring in to the conversation. Your cat, your mom, or your district instructional specialist.




4. Twitter perfume, for those bigshots on twitter whose tweets shake the twitter-verse every morning. (Presumably also available in cologne.)

twitter perfume

5. A twitter onesie, just so you can sleep well at night knowing you’re doing all that you can to encourage a superficial worldview and a social media addiction when they are just weeks old. Head start!





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