5 Technologies That Will Be In Your Classroom Sooner Than You Think

5-examples-of-future-technology5 Technologies That Could Be In Your Classroom Sooner Than You Think

1. Electroencephalography

What is it? The ability to control technology with your mind

Big Idea: Immediate and uninterrupted connection between user and technology

Potential education uses:  Hands-free participation in learning simulations, disabled students interacting freely with content, control of video games, web browsing, etc.

2. Carbon Nanotubes

What is it? One-atom thick rolls or sheets of carbon

Big Idea: Stronger, more complex technology construction, including wearable electronics

Potential education uses: Students wearing mobile learning technology to access data, peers, and resources while working real-time “in the field”

3. Phonebloks

What is it? Breaking a smartphone down into pieces, or “bloks,” that can be upgraded and replaced (in lieu of the whole phone being replaced)

Big Idea: Reduces waste, decentralizes technology design and construction, increases rate of technological innovation

Potential education uses: More affordable and/or more “adjustable” hardware technology; possible improved equity long-term?

4. Steam Controller

What is it? A new gaming controller from video game and hardware developer Valve

Big Idea: May seem like “just another controller,” but this new design combines traditional handheld gaming controller with the touch-interface of smartphones and tablets, significantly increasing a player’s ability for nuanced interaction with the screen

Potential education uses: Complex control of web content, apps, video games, and learning simulations

5. Papertab

What is it? Digital paper

Big Idea: To merge digital convenience and access with physical paper interaction

Potential education uses: “Blended research,” where students can easily read, create, and merge physical and digital resources

Read more in the infographic below.

Future of Computer Science
Infographic attribution flickr user topcomputersciencedegrees.com

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