Avoiding The Health Hazards Of Tablet Use

We’ve been hearing for years how smartphone technology causes (insert scary sounding ailment here). The same with living under power lines, standing too close to the microwave, and eating lead paint.

The long-term impact of such phenomena are unclear, but what is absolutely certain is that ergonomics matter. Neck strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, cysts, and other trouble aren’t just bothersome, but can be entirely¬†debilitating. For students growing up with iPads in their laps and smartphones glued to the palms of their hands, this is worth understanding.

The following infographic compiled from studies at Harvard and Stanford Universities, among other sources, looks at this issue. Their findings echo traditional ergonomic recommendations in terms of eye position, viewing angles, and even have a look-see at the differences across tablet types.

The Health Hazards of Tablet Use
Infographic sourced from onlinedegrees.org


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