Learnist For Teachers: 5 Resources For Teaching Grammar

Every week, TeachThought will bring you relevant and trending learning boards from one of our favorite digital platforms, Learnist. In this week’s post, teaching grammar is the theme.

1. Should We Teach Grammar?: A college-level writing instructor explores the debate around teaching grammar. This board is primarily focused on higher ed, but this applies to all classrooms. Do YOU think we should teach grammar. Yes? No? Why?

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2. Writing Student Survival Kit: Grammar and the Rules of Writing: While many scholars debate 1) whether grammar is important and 2) when exactly we should be teaching grammar, the truth is: poor grammar is judged within academic and professional settings. To communicate well, you need to know your basics.


3. Improving Your English: Quick Tips: Improving your language skills doesn’t have to take a lot of time, take a look at these quick&easy resources to improve your English!


4. Grammar, Phrases, Clauses, and Types of Sentences (Common Core Standards 7.L.1, 7.L.1.a-c): Understand and utilize the basics of grammatical construction such as phrases, clauses, sentence structure, and modifiers. Fix grammar errors such as dangling modifiers.


5. Writing Construct Research: Grammar: Welcome to Ohio University’s Writing & Rhetoric classroom (section114, Fall2012). We’re using Learnist this semester as we explore the writing process, conduct research, and create ethnography projects & collaborative literary histories.


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