The following infographic essentially argues that technology has “unhinged” learning from a physical campus. It asks the question, “What’s in store for the future of universities by the year 2020?”, and offers two scenarios for that change: modest and substantial.

  • Modest change is what it sounds like it might be: slight differences from existing learning spaces include more technology in the classroom, continued in-person lectures, and largely traditional assessment of learning (i.e., essays and exams).
  • Substantial change: widespread adoption of distance and blended learning, reduced in-person attendance, increase of personalized learning forms, and new graduation requirements.

Towards the bottom it shows positive and negative commentary on how technology will impact higher ed by 2020. While it must be pointed out that this infographic is sponsored by an online college (so impartiality isn’t in its favor), it does provide a fairly balanced view of what’s possible in the near future.

10 Developments That Reflect Change In Higher Education

1. Cloud-based Computing

2. Digital Textbooks

3. Streaming video

4. Mobile connectivity

5. Non-profit learning organization

6. For-profit universities

7. Specialized for-credit training centers

8. Non-institutional learning (iTunes, YouTube, Learnist, etc.)

9. Digital portfolios challenging traditional academic accreditation (not listed)

10. Economic changes that reduce working class’s ability to attend college of choice (not listed)

The Future of Higher Education

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