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American English Pronunciation Expert & YouTube Celebrity Rachel In A Live Conversation On WizIQ

Chandigarh, India — Rachel, an expert in American accent and spoken English, who runs a hugely successful website and a YouTube channel Rachel’s English will be in a conversation on WizIQ. This conversation will be broadcast live via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom at 06:00 PM (EST) on June 20, 2013

An experienced teacher of ESL (English as a Second Language) since 1999, Rachel has helped thousands of non-native speakers improve their spoken English through video-based lessons and exercises.

A trained classical singer, Rachel has spent much time immersed in singing in German, French, Italian, and Spanish. She has studied with highly acclaimed vocal teachers and coaches and brings a body of detailed knowledge connected to the voice, placement, and the musical nature of speech to her work as a pronunciation coach.

Jason R. Levine (Jase), also known as Fluency MC, a well known  teacher, trainer and content creator in the field of English language teaching, will interview Rachel on WizIQ Conversations. This conversation is the first among the series of conversations with Jason on WizIQ called ‘Best in ELT with Fluency MC’. More details about the conversation can be found here.

For teaser of this conversation, visit the WizIQ blog.

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