Every week, TeachThought will bring you relevant and trending learning boards from one of our favorite digital platforms, Learnist. In this week’s post, teaching politics during the election is the theme.

1. Proposition 34: California’s Death Penalty Repeal: Seventeen states and the District of Columbus have rid their justice systems of the death penalty. On Nov 6, 2012, California voters will be asked to vote on Proposition 34, the SafeCalifornia Act that serves to repeal the Death Penalty.

2. The Electoral College: Understanding the electoral college, why we have one, and how it works.

3. Youth Activism: Collection of links and stories showing young people becoming involved in the political process. Come look and realize that apathy is not as widespread as you might think.

4. The Senate Races: Who will control the Senate come November? Here’s a guide to the hottest Senate races.

5. Social Issues and the 2012 Election: Although the economy is a major concern for most voters, social issues are also sharing the spotlight during this election. Find out more about these issues and where the candidates stand.