Leaked iPhone 5 Promo: Finally, A Fulfilling Life


Rumored for a mid-September launch, the following promo touts the features of the newest miracle, must-have phone from Apple, the iPhone 5.

Among the rumors are a drastically improved camera that should be able to “take pictures so good that no one would ever imagine that you lie in bed at night wondering why you can’t feel happiness.”

Other features? “Siri can recognize the food that you photograph and suggest fun captions and that will imply a life worth living.”

“Chick pea salad. Nom nom nom, I am happy, I am happy, I happy.”

The promo promises that “the iPhone 5 is a game-changer. It’s photos are sure to garner all the likes, hearts, plusses, pins, stars, reposts, reblogs, retumbles, and retweets that you’ve used to replace human connection in your life.”

While we’re Android people here at TeachThought, we noticed a similar effervescence when our Android Nexus products arrived from Amazon after seeing a tweet about a price drop from the Google Play store and confirming with my facebook community that not only did these products take great photos for instagram and tumblr, but would also establish an authentic interdependence with people I’ve never met.

No word yet on how this little miracle might affect facebook stock.

More soon.

Image attribution: flickr user the trial.

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