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Lil Wayne vs Beethoven: Guess Who Makes You Smarter?

While technology can be polarizing and business corrupting, the arts have long had a cultural relevance normally reserved for religion and nature.

So it stands to reason that music just might indeed hold value beyond entertainment.

The following infographic from onlinecollege.org explores some of the data and insights into the music/learning relationship, including:

  • 25–>  # of songs the average person listens to per day
  • 53–>  % of students ages 12-17 listen to music while studying
  • 9–>  average temporary IQ boost as a result of listening to a Mozart sonata
  • 1371–> average SAT score of test-takers that listened to Beethoven
  • 889–>  average SAT score of test-takers that listened to Lil Wayne

While we won’t fall for the SAT performance = intelligence trick, and false-cause is a tempting logical fallacy, even the most skeptical would have to admit that Beethoven holds his ground here, yes?
Music Makes You Smarter Infographic














This infographic created by onlinecollege.org; image attribution flickr users believekevin and mediodescocido