The Impact Of Technology is an aggregated reading list of the best, in-depth thinking from around the web on the impact of technology and social media on culture, curated by Nathan Jurgenson and Cyborgology.

The digital environment is not a parallel or purely virtual world

now that we have a simple tool—and grammar—for looping a half second of video

The Internet makes this sort of writer-presence easier, more ubiquitous

“What’s the point of this app? To forge a connection, or to gamify the dating process

The defining feature of a “real” arcade, however, is that there aren’t really any left

digital technologies enable abundant production, watering-down the meaning of an object and/or interaction” (more…)

she perfectly embodies the perception of how tweens perceive ‘social media fame’ as ‘fame’

Nineteenth century viral culture is quite like today’s Internet culture

Seeing this as only a story about digital technologies & their risks is to overlook how cultural communication is

That was before Apple washed Siri’s mouth out with soap and curbed many of its talents

there is something disturbingly misogynistic about online bullying

think self-tracking implies opposite; we’ll invent emotions post hoc to account for what machines report and invent matching ways to feel

Drones are already literary, and they might only be dealt with on a literary basis

Millennials, the ascendant economic force in America, have been culturally programmed to borrow, rent and share

Even if this is a faked baby with a faked Google street view, it’s still real

fiction is a fantastically useful arena to do social theory, yet it’s one that most social scientists roundly ignore

the picture is as much about taking an iPhone photo as it is about representing the damaged airliner