Web 2.0 and innovative learning go hand in hand. As more learning product becomes digital, it takes apps and platforms to help organize, curate, and even amplify the thinking and learning that is possible with 21st century learners.

In that context, Jane Hart from the Center for Learning & Performance Technology in the UK compiled this fantastic list of digital learning tools using the input of 531 international learning professionals.

The top 10?

1. Twitter (We created a visual that with Edudemic that suggests 25 ways to use twitter in the classroom–organized by complexity)

2. YouTube (We covered “How To YouTube Your Classroom” here, incidentally.)

3. Google Docs

4. Skype

5. WordPress

6. Dropbox

7. Prezi

8. Moodle

9. Slideshare

10. Glogster

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 from Jane Hart; Featured Image Source Phil Aaronson