A Technology Reading List: The Overlap Between Museum & Prison Design

The Overlap Between Museum & Prison Design

An aggregated reading list of the best, in-depth thinking from around the web on the impact of technology and social media, curated by Nathan Jurgenson and Cyborgology.

the surprisingly broad overlap between prison & museum design

how people use music when doing intellectual labour: people use it as a symbol to say ‘keep away from me’

If schools follow dualist specifications, education becomes less in tune with the way students actually consume texts

the Introversion Meme is the newest face on a many-headed hydra of conservative backlash against a changing society

with Glass, the contents of your screen are a mystery to others

the self merely a set of techniques for self-documentation rather than a matter of what it is documented

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly helicoptered in to hand out grilled cheese

the cultural conventions that have helped to produce digital dualism and which help it persist

a 3-D printer for printing pizza in outer space

A link that disappears after a certain number of people have seen it

the solution is not to imagine technology free of societal constraints but to fully engage with all of its messy human implications

as managing editor of CNN.com, I want our readers to know this: All you are to us are eyeballs

a place where CEOs, venture capitalists and startuppers can network

re: sonic/musical trolling, I would put forth Cage’s 4’33″ as the seminal example

Social media invite experiments in inertia, continual additions & variations on themes hard-coded into platforms

Twitter users express their discontent through an NSA accessible platform

Formed from nerd and jerkish, it describes a substantial portion of the Internet

Gangnam Style remix causes moment of K-pop unity in West Bank

technology and life often overlap, sometimes with lethal consequences

not bringing one’s phone…is the new standing around in the middle of a party staring at one’s phone