An Anti-Bullying Message That Puts It All In Perspective

by Terry Heick

Before we get to the anti-bullying message, let’s consider some background on cultural/societal priorities (and failures therein).

In The Characteristics Of A Good School I wrote:

How schools are designed and what students learn–and why–must be reviewed, scrutinized, and refined as closely and with as much enthusiasm as we do the gas mileage of our cars, the downloads speeds of our phones and tablets, or the operating systems of our watches.Terry Heick

This is a belief I carried around with me for years, and it’s in that light that I watched the video. If the embed doesn’t work for you for some reason, you can find the tweet and embedded anti-bullying video here.

An Anti-Bullying Message That Puts It All In Perspective; image attribution Flickr user woodleywonderworks