compound interest calculator

Check Out This Simple Compound Interest Calculator

by TeachThought Staff

One of the foundations of financial literacy–or saving and investing, anyway–is understanding the benefits of compound interest.

The big picture here is what a child ‘needs to know.’ At TeachThought, we support the prioritizing of thought over content (while realizing that they’re not mutually exclusive).

We also value thinking habits, critical literacy, supporting/growing teachers, questions/inquiry, the role of place in learning (often through project-based learning)–and personalized learning, self-direction, thoughtful technology integration, adaptive learning algorithms, mobile learning. citizenship, and dozens of other ideas that center children and their place and story and future over everything else.

And financial literacy is a big part of all that, which is why we’re sharing a simple and easy-to-use compound interest calculator from Wolfram Alpha, which you can find below.

Also, check out some of our financial literacy resources while you’re at.

A Simple Compound Interest Calculator For Students