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Embedding Standards In Understanding By Design From ASCD

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For the K-12 teacher, ASCD consistently overs a variety of resources to support learning. Teacher tools, models, and general expertise from experts from our own Bena Kallick and Carol Ann Tomlinson to Grant Wiggins and Bob Marzano can be found there.

One that could be timely for teachers with the upcoming school year could be the following free webinar on embedding standards using the UbD model, from Grant Wiggins.

In the video, Wiggins outlines UbD, how to consider the Common Core standards, and what constitues a “performance outcome,” and what does not.

In the need for an instructional design framework such as UbD to help K-12 learners master academic standards, Grant explains that “We keep making the same mistake again over and over again. We’ve done it with state standards, we’ve done it with national standards. That we keeping thinking that you just tick off each standard in isolation, and as long as we teach to it, quiz it in isolation, that we’re meeting the standards. That’s simply not true.”

Presentation slides can be found here.

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