An aggregated reading list of the best, in-depth thinking from around the web on the impact of technology and social media, curated by Nathan Jurgenson and Cyborgology.

my favorite twitters share a sense of wonder expressed as comedy of the bizarre

”microfame” is a structure of feeling for coping with mandatory requirements to construct identity online

Does Web 3.0 come after Web 2.0?

A sociological analysis must not conceive of algorithms as abstract, technical achievements

you open FB and on your timeline, there’s you, having some whole alternate life, tagged in photos you’re not in or don’t remember

We’re gonna introduce the mapping stuff so you can stalk people

I wondered whether we would all thrive in an atmosphere that so insistently merges productivity & sociability

all of my digital masks are equally me and that all of my digital ghosts mean me no harm

Kickstarter cultivates the illusion that when you use its fundraising tools, you are opting out of wage labor

Like-addled Facebook users will share anything no matter how obviously untrue it is

social media has given us many more canvases on which to paint our faux humility

nobody wants to listen to the sound of somebody trying to be cool on the internet

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