Every week, TeachThought will bring you relevant and trending learning boards from one of our favorite digital platforms, Learnist. In this week’s post, teaching with infographics is the theme.

1. Visualizing Data: Using Infographics to learn about privacy, research, networks, geopolitics, and more.

2. Infographics for the Writing Classroom: Grammar and writing infographics to include in a digital classroom.

3. Improving your English Quick Tips: Improving your language skills doesn’t have to take a lot of time, take a look at these quick&easy resources to improve your English!

4. Infographics: Educators and students benefit so much from learning visually and infographics share a lot of data in a concise and visually interesting manner. I love infographics that are well done and get me thinking about the topic.

5. Infographic Tools: Top tools to help you get started with infographics and posters with a more visual vibe.

Learnist For Teachers: Trending Boards For November 12