Learning Board Nominations 

1. Google in the Classroom

2. Color Theory

3. Native Americans

4. Credibility

5. Scientific Method 

6. Latino Literature

7. Blended Learning

8. Transmedia Storytelling

9. Assorted Math Resources

10. Educational Design Strategies 

Promotion Details

TeachThought and the fine folks at Learnist are teaming up to help you create great content on their world-conquering digital platform.

What Learnist for teachers means for you is a surge of new content for your classroom.

And a chance for three teachers to win brand spanking new products from Apple.

What is Learnist?

Learnist is a digital platform that allows you to curate and share learning resources on given topics. These can be liked, shared, followed, and sequenced for formal or informal learning environments. (Also, see TeachThought’s post on what makes learnist such a useful resource here.)

How it Works
Every month, we will reward the best new learning boards created on Learnist.

In December, this will involve you creating content. For the month of November, our contest is simple. Learnist and TeachThought have gathered 10 of the best Learnist boards available. Your job is to vote on the ones you think are best. At the end of the month, the board with the most new “likes” wins.


The Process

1. See the list below.

2. Vote for your favorite board by “liking” it.

3. Share your favorite boards across your favorite social media channels. @ message teachthought and learnist, or share on the TeachThought facebook page as well.

3. Check TeachThought for results on Sunday, November 25th for the winner. Voting closes Monday, November 19th at midnight Pacific (U.S.), which gives you less than two weeks to vote, so “like” with haste!

4. Start brainstorming new ideas for boards for a chance to win a new iPad in December!

The Prizes for November
1st Prize: Retina-display iPad

2nd Prize: iPod Touch

3rd Prize: iPod Touch

The Fine Print

1. The winner will be contacted by Learnist within seven business days regarding prize information. Make sure your Learnist account info is updated. Prize if forfeited if not reachable through learnist account information.

2. Awards are determined and awarded at the sole discretion of Grockit.

A Look to December
For December, we will continue to reward the best new content created on Learnist with specific challenges, so log-on, create and share content, and stay tuned to TeachThought for details!