Letting Curiosity Take Center Stage: #ReflectiveTeacher October 2015

by Beth Leidolf

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

― Albert Einstein

We all have a curious side, each of us with an inner voice that calls us to investigate, probe, poke around, and examine things from all angles in order to make sense of it. Discovery,  inquiry, wonder and play were all central to our lives as children.

Why then as teachers does curiosity and play fall away from our instruction and the learning taking place in the lessons and activities? Your students are curious as well, and love to discover and investigate the world around themselves through play/interaction with materials and manipulatives. Play in the classroom gives students opportunities to deepen and expand their thinking skills, improve their social/emotional skills as well as collaborative and problem solving abilities.
This month #reflectiveteacher blogs about the following prompt:
Play and student self-direction place students in the center of their own learning. How do you create and foster an environment in your classroom or school

where curiosity and inquiry take center stage?

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Letting Curiosity Take Center Stage: #ReflectiveTeacher October 2015