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Swoon: Girl With Prosthetic Leg Runs With Classmates

SWOON: Girl With Prosthetic Leg Runs With Classmates

by Terry Heick

I’m sure there’s a story here.

Names, cities, dates–a full backstory that would make it even more uplifting and heart-warming. But as I began to research the video I saw this morning on social media, I realized that none of that mattered.

This wasn’t a news story. This isn’t about tagging users and linking to social profiles and interviews. This story is the video, and that’s it. The interaction between the girl and her classmates.

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As a matter of journalism, of course, her name matters. Maybe who filmed it and why. But all of that sullied for me the ‘truth’ of the visuals.

When the girl first walks out, and doesn’t seem embarrassed. (That’d have actually made the video even more compelling, but I’m glad she wasn’t.) She wanted to show her leg off.

When the the first little girl walks up and looks at it for a few seconds, then spontaneously hugs the girl out of sheer joy.

When the girl takes off running and her classmates run with her and they laugh and gather and move around the playground marching and holding hands.

When the girl is accepted, embraced, celebrated, and then–critically–completely absorbed into the group as if nothing had happened.

If you need the journalism, NPR has got you covered.