Understanding The Impact Of Technology Aggregate

An aggregate of the best thinking from around the web on the impact of technology, from Cyborgology.

Number Of Users Who Actually Enjoy Facebook Down To 4

In order to be profitable, it is highly likely that Twitter can only get more annoying, Pandora can only get more interrupt-y, Tumblr can only get more cluttered, Facebook can only get more devious

Grindr officially announces its plan to mobilize gay men as a political bloc in the 2012 elections

I can’t put Twitter or the little blue bird in jail, so the only way to punish is monetarily

About four grams of DNA theoretically could store the digital data humankind creates in one year

Google Glass is changing the implicit social contract with everyone in his or her field of view

Having opened up a chasm between the informational and material, we’re rapidly trying to close it

Imagine being excited to see what the Internet looks and feels like in a new town

remote sensing and screen culture might displace today’s commonplace demand for airbuses

[Academics] quickly devolve into a game of Who’s The Best Luddite. And it is most definitely about hierarchy & power

human beings have not always tried to make sense of emotions through numbers

the hate-mongers who made this video and those who use the provocation as a pretext to kill are in a symbiotic, mutually reinforcing relationship

it appears that identity-based search results could be nothing more than old bigotry packaged in new media” [pdf]

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