Do educational video games actually work for learning?

Note that this is a different question than “Can video games improve learning?” Educational games and video games are two decidedly different things, and the infographic below references both, offering percentages for ¬†implementation (95% of teachers use digital games created specifically for the classroom), as well as common criticisms of video games in general (e.g., violence).

That said, there are still some interesting statements (The more comfortable a student is with a technology, the more likely they’ll be to stay on top of it), and statistics, including:

  • 18% of teachers use video games in class on a daily basis
  • 60% of teachers say using digital games helps personalize instruction, better assess understanding, and collect helpful information
  • 50% of teachers say cost in the number one barrier to integration of video games

Ed note: Outdated graphic removed and post archived.