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TeachThought Reader Program

Dear readers,

TeachThought Reader is a simple program created to offer readers who love our content a way to enjoy it without ads. The world is changing quickly and that includes publishing–and sites like TeachThought. In 2021, we have some exciting things planned that I hope will grow your teaching more than ever (more on that soon). For now, I thought I’d create a way to offer a more personalized–and relaxed–reader experience to start. If it proves popular enough, additional development will come with a focus on ways to make reading, saving, and learning from our content easier.

How does it work? By purchasing a $49 annual pass, you will remove all ads (except for those promoting our own work and services). It renews annually but you can cancel anytime. After purchasing the pass, send me an email¬†with your email address letting me know and I’ll create your account. For now, this is the only way I will know you’ve purchased a pass because we do not handle payment processing on our site, nor do we store payment information.

After signing in, the ads will be removed from the site. For now, that (and supporting our work) is the only benefit of the TeachThought Reader program but, as I mentioned, more could be upcoming. : )

Thank you for all of your work in education. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly.

Terry Heick, Founder & Director of TeachThought