The future of learning is no more certain than the future itself, but some things are becoming increasingly clear: it will be mobile, personalized, collaborative,  a blend of formal and informal approaches, and full of technology (much of which TeachThought’s 21st Century Learning Model include).

The following presentation from Steve Wheeler from the UK’s University of Plymouth is a great overview of not just edu-trending buzzwords, but some interesting concept maps and clarification of the potential of these approaches, especially the Architecture of Participation on slide 29 that “gathers” tags, networking, tools and other digital “residue” into a single map of “Learning 2.0.” Much

Karen’s Stephenson’s quote on slide 39 also makes a compelling case for caretaking our increasingly massive digital Professional Learning Networks across twitter, facebook, pinterest, and even blogs.

“Experience has long been considered the best teacher of knowledge. Since we cannot experience everything, other people’s experiences, and hence other people, become the surrogate for knowledge. ‘I store my knowledge in my friends’ is an axiom for collecting knowledge through collecting people.”

If there was to be a follow-up presentation, where should he start? Better yet, where would you start?

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