What Happens If You Give A Two Year-Old An iPad?

The iPad is just one of many mobile devices that have emerged in the last few years. Android tablets, iPods, Windows smartphones, Kindle eReaders and Kindle Fires, and an array of equipment from LeapFrog, VTech, etc., have found their way into classrooms to accomplish a variety of tasks.

But it is the iPad that continues to capture the imagination of teachers and students worldwide. One undeniable factor is the ease-of-use–it’s utterly simple user interface ensures even a baby could use it.

Literally, a baby.

While we continue to figure out the best ways to integrate an iPad into a formal learning environment, the video below is a strong bit of evidence in favor of its use somewhere, somehow. I won’t get carried away with the implications here–the child does little other than basic manipulation of programs.

But it is impressive nonetheless–total self-direction (if his well-intentioned father would leave him alone), dozens of powerful apps literally at their fingertips, ability to produce or consume media, etc.

What happens when you give a two year-old an iPad matters in education.