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6 Hurricane Preparedness Checklists So You Can Make Your Own

6 Hurricane Preparedness Checklists So You Can Make Your Own

by TeachThought Staff

It’s hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, and how to survive a hurricane is a matter of preparation.

In the above post, we discussed the need for personalization in preparation:

‘Hurricane Katrina showed that local infrastructure and response matter. Hurricane Harvey showed that one hurricane may dump extraordinary amounts of rain while another overwhelming wind, and that the threat of each is relative to exactly where it is occurring; storm surges are less dangerous than wind the farther you are from coastline and above sea level, and the reverse is also true.

So how to stay safe during a hurricane isn’t a set thing with a universal sequence. If we were to make it universal, it’d have to be a simple matter of priorities, something like Shelter/Sustenance/Morale. That is, let’s focus one these three ideas to guide our preparation.’

With the need for personalization in mind, below we’ve curated 6 of the best hurricane preparedness checklists we could find so that you can piece together one that makes sense for you and your circumstance.

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Let us know in the comments if there are other/better lists that we missed, and we’ll add the ‘best’ to the list. You can then use a blank checklist–something like this–if you want something to print, as most of the blank checklists are available in .doc and PDF format.

6 Hurricane Preparedness Checklists So You Can Make Your Own

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6 Hurricane Preparedness Checklists