Google Reader is dying. Long live Google Reader.

Though Google has seen fit to unburden us from the company of its world-beating RSS (Really Simple Syndication) software, there are alternatives–and that means for you and your project-based learning, self-directed learning, mobile learning, literate, 21st century student.

As long as the web thrums with connectivity, there will be blogs, social media, and other evolving media to skim, aggregate, and curate, which makes RSS readers–and their seeming replacement, social readers like Flipboard–useful to you as an educator.

Below are 46 Google Reader alternatives, assembled by Nick Kellet. We love Flipboard, Pulse, Feedly, and Skygrid–and admittedly, not all do exactly the same thing, so give a few a spin before you settle on one. Let us know what we missed on facebooktwitter, or Google+!