What A 21st Century Book Looks Like

Technology touches almost everything in 2013.

From farming to commerce, socialization to transportation, more and more we look to technology to make our lives easier, to improve our access, or connect us a culture.

Education is also among those impacted by the growth of technology, including blended learning, game-based learning, mobile learning, and other indicative trends.

Books are a part of that as well.

We recently took a look at the principles of digital literacy. What started at as simply digitized versions of physical texts, eBooks are growing as a medium, adding interaction, connectivity, complex textile response, and fully-integrated multimedia forms.

The following quick-talk (it’s just under five minutes, and you can skip through some of that) offers a compelling visual for what’s possible with books in the 21st century.

The possibilities for formal academic learning environments is tremendous. The possibilities for self-directed and entrepreneurial learning might be even greater.

What A 21st Century Book Looks Like