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50 Lifelong-learner Apps By Content Area

Long after degrees have been conferred and careers have been launched, many folks just can’t seem to quit school. For them, life provides an overstuffed cornucopia of educational opportunities that don’t necessarily require hefty loans and navigating different professorial strategies. Those with a lust for learning who happen to also enjoy testing the limits of […]

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Digital Composition Tools: Moving from Journals to Social Media

With the convergence of digital publishing tools, it is only nuance that is separating the function of many available platforms. Twenty years ago, the essay, letter, and literary works were all very separate forms, the most confusing distinctions were within expository writing itself—editorials versus feature articles, and so on. With the ease of digital publishing, […]

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Three Apps For Building Your Research Collection

Ah, to be 17 and a college freshman again… Who am I kidding? I would not be 17 again if you paid me. I love being 40. But if I were 17 and starting college again, I would want to know the best, easiest, most effective, and most efficient ways to pass my classes. In […]

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Five Learnist Boards You Can Teach With Tomorrow

Being fans of progressive learning–from improving traditional instruction in K-20 classrooms to entirely new forms of learning–if it’s innovative and has potential for learning results that at least seem to outweigh the learning curve to understand it, we’re going to give it a look. Among the tools that has caught our attention is Learnist. We’re going […]

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7 Cutting Edge Visual Tools To Curate Content

If you imagine sending a child out onto a beach or ankle deep into a creek to play, what they can bring back is revealing. In Cherokee Park this weekend near Big Rock, after about twenty minutes of quiet searching, my five year old son brought back to me a dead crawdead he swore was […]

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Embedding Standards In Understanding By Design From ASCD

For the K-12 teacher, ASCD consistently overs a variety of resources to support learning. Teacher tools, models, and general expertise from experts from our own Bena Kallick and Carol Ann Tomlinson to Grant Wiggins and Bob Marzano can be found there. One that could be timely for teachers with the upcoming school year could be […]


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10 Schools That Have Implemented BYOD Successfully

With budgets tight, many schools are hoping to bring technology into the classroom without having to shell out for a device for each student. A solution for many has been to make classes BYOD (short for “bring your own device”), which allows students to bring laptops, tablets, and smartphones from home and to use them […]

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