98 $2,000 Scholarships Available For Aspiring World Travelers

98 $2,000 Scholarships Available for Aspiring World Travelers

by Netanya Trimboli, HI USA

Now through March 15, Hostelling International USA (HI USA) is accepting applications for its Explore the World travel scholarship program, which is awarding 98 $2,000 travel scholarships to young adults who want to take an educational or service journey abroad, but lack the financial means.

As a nonprofit organization with a purpose to create a more tolerant world, HI USA believes everyone should be able to experience the transformative power of travel, regardless of socioeconomic status. For this reason, eligible candidates must be past or former Pell Grant recipients or with income not to exceed 300% of the poverty line.

Since an educational or service component is required, this program impacts the lives of those who win the scholarship and the destinations they visit, and then they bring back what they’ve learned to their own community. Past recipients have provided medical assistance in South America, addressed the AIDS epidemic in South Africa, and taught math in the Dominican Republic.

One of last year’s recipients, Tianna, a 23-year-old from New York City who traveled abroad for the first time in her life to teach and volunteer at a daycare center near Cape Town, South Africa, says, “This trip has opened my eyes to how small of a space I occupy in this world. There is so much going on outside of the United States…this experience has taught me how privileged Americans are to have education and all that it comes with.”

These scholarships are for underserved young adults inspired to change the world, and anyone who meets the eligibility requirements is encouraged to apply. Visit www.hiusa.org/travel-scholarships for more information.

98 $2,000 Scholarships Available for Aspiring World Travelers; image attribution hostellinginternationalusa