10 Reasons BYOD Is Impossible To Ignore [Infographic]

Why BYOD Is Impossible To Ignore

BYOD is a trend that, while vague in definition–could be among the most powerful recent movements to disrupt education.

Disruption is about, among other ideas, shifting power and eroding existing systems. Last week we looked at 25 movements disrupting education right now. (BYOD made #4 on our list.)

We’ve also looked at the concept of smartphones having untapped potential at resetting many of the inequities in learning.

Yesterday, zdnet took a look at BYOD through the lens of momentum and social media data. Their conclusion? There is officially 14x more “buzz” around social media than there was this time last year, while observing that certain large companies like Cisco Systems have employees BYOD in a big way–to the tune of over 50,000 self-implemented and managed devices.

For all of its inherent potential and problems, it is becoming a movement that is impossible to ignore.

10 Reasons BYOD Is Impossible To Ignore [Infographic]

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