So This Guy Reads Poetry To Stuck Commuters


So This Guy Reads Poetry To Stuck Commuters

by TeachThought Staff

Going about our daily lives can be largely impersonal.

Aside from interacting with family, or the shallow (and largely mandatory) conversations that are required for work, genuine connection is scarce among those we don’t know and are unlikely to see often.

Generally, we don’t share our joys with the strangers of the world like we do with those who we already know and love.

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When’s the last time you nudged the stranger next to you in line and urged them to read a paragraph of your favorite book? Or handed them your phone to share something that made you laugh? Or done anything at all to reach out to people passing by, in an attempt to cultivate a shared sense of joy?

The very thought probably leaves you with a vague sense of awkward discomfort.

But what would it look like if we stepped outside of our comfort zone and made a concentrated effort to bring happiness to others, expecting nothing in return?

It might look a lot like Tony Knight, a railway station announcer with South Western Railway who has been reading pieces from his childhood copy of Winnie the Pooh to commuters on the platform at Wokingham station in Berkshire.

You can see the BBC News post here.

Is it weird? A little.

Is it lovely? A lot.

We save our passions, hoard our art, and keep that which is dear to us close when what the world needs most is for us to share these things, and ourselves, with each other.

And a little Winnie the Pooh poetry is the perfect way to start or end each day.

So This Guy Reads Poetry To Stuck Commuters