The Impact Of Technology Reading List: Technology Rewiring Youth’s Brains?

An aggregated reading list of the best, in-depth thinking from around the web on the impact of technology and social media, curated by Nathan Jurgenson and Cyborgology.

Behaving as if our digital data is fleeting can cause serious trouble

engineers should take up the case, fight fire with fire, and set their sights on designing anti-racist apps

Social Media” didn’t get anything wrong or right. Reporters got things wrong

There’s something beautifully noncommittal about Snapchat that flies in the face of what we’ve always known photography to represent

I’m tired of contributing to the commodification of my own existence

Silent presence sometimes the only possible response to tragedy, but it’s an affordance of embodied presence. Online presence must speak

There was no correlation between how much money users paid and how well they were treated

No, technology is not “rewiring” young people’s brains

Holiday cards were mostly maudlin crap as if that could make any real difference for stopping wars

A History of the Digitalization of Consumer Culture