Introducing Students To Coding

How To Introduce Students To Coding

As apps and digital projects become more important to how we live and play, learning how to design and create those ideas is going to become more important as well.

And if the current trend continues, more accessible than ever.

While many coding resources for students exist, many of these look like they were designed by lifeless robots. Coding already has a reputation as geeky, dry, and alphanumeric, as opposed to the svelte, elegant, and engaging interaction that code produces. Kind of ironic.

HopScotch is an iPad app that introduces students to the concept of coding by using simple graphics, lots of color, and easy to use tools.

Using HopScotch, students can become familiar with the relationship with numbers and letters here, and subsequent movement or animation there. (Which isn’t always the case when writing code.)

Coding is as much about planning, structure, design, and careful processes as it is software and programs–which, as an aside, makes it a brilliant way to teach the writing process itself. Plan, Draft, Revise, Edit, and Publish–but in code.

The biggest draw for this app is easily its simplicity. It doesn’t have the ambition of Code Academy, or the power of Codea. It’s just a basic app to help students understand how code works, with the bonus of a graphic interface that’s a bit more engaging than what they might see in other apps.

You can see more in the video below. Also, see 10 Strategies To Get Your Students Coding for ideas on how to begin.

A Simple Way To Introduce Your Students To Coding