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Apply For The Sony KOOV Robotics Kit Pilot Program

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Apply For The Sony KOOV Robotics Kit Pilot Program

by TeachThought Staff

What Is The KOOV Pilot Program?

Explore the coding and robotics kit with the KOOV Pilot Program from Sony.

Empower students to achieve a deeper understanding of programming logic and structure with a powerful tool that supports science, technology, engineering, art, and math curricula.

KOOV is a STEAM education kit with everything needed to start building robots and make them move with code. For those interested in potentially purchasing KOOV, Sony has created the KOOV Pilot Program to provide hands-on experience with educators and students.

Sony KOOV Robotics Kit Pilot Program FAQ

What is KOOV?

KOOV™ is a robotics and coding educational kit made up of blocks, sensors, motors, actuators, and a companion app.

How many students/children can 1 KOOV kit accommodate?

One KOOV kit is designed to support robot building and coding for up to 3-4 students.

What is included in the companion app?

The app teaches core concepts about design, coding, and robotics, and features a 50+ hour educational course, step by step guidance on building and coding for pre-designed robots, and a Free Production area to build and code new robots from scratch. The app also includes a secure social space, where students can share designs and code with other young inventors in their school and all participating countries. 

Does KOOV work for those with all levels of coding experience?

KOOV is designed for all levels of understanding and can be utilized for students with little knowledge of coding as well as by students with a more advanced understanding.  For those with less experience,  KOOV provides the basics via “ My First Robot Coding” which teaches what code is, how sensors work and how to build robots combining them.  For those who are more advanced, there are endless robot combinations that can be made so students are only limited by their imagination.

How long is the KOOV Pilot Program?

The pilot program will last for 4 weeks and include up to 4 KOOV™ Educator kits. At the conclusion of the program, an exit interview will be scheduled and all supplies will be returned to Sony. 

Does Sony take my feedback from my experience with the KOOV Pilot Program?

A case study will be created and posted on our website and be publicly available. A copy of the case study can be sent directly, upon request.

Is training provided by Sony as part of the KOOV Pilot Program?

Sony will provide 1-hour training with the KOOV™ team

What other requirements are there to be part of the Pilot Program?

You will need to have a space for students to build with KOOV.  In addition, as part of the program you will be asked to observe and record student’s experiences & feedback, amount of time spent, and any troubleshooting by educators/administrators.

How do I apply to be part of the KOOV Pilot Program?

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To apply please email [email protected] and provide the following:

  1. Where you plan to use KOOV.
  2. How will it be used?
  3. Which grade(s)?
  4. How many students?

For more information on the KOOV Pilot Program: : https://www.sony.com/campaign/SNA/koov/pdf/Pilot-Program.pdf

Apply For The Sony KOOV Robotics Kit Pilot Program

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