Tell Us What You Think: Learning Through Games & Simulations

by TeachThought Staff

Teachers are in a tough spot–they have to enact policy they often have very little say in. So why not offer a consistent voice to make what teachers really think more transparent?

At TeachThought, we try to balance the “right now” with the “what if?”–and in pursuit, we’d like to find new ways to engage each one of you, while collecting feedback that represents your unique perspective and experience.

We’ll continue to experiment with ways to make this happen. For our first bit of feedback, we’d like to know what you think about video games and simulations in the classroom–their effectiveness, your comfort level with them, and the resources you need to make it work. There are questions appear below–most multiple choice or true-false, some more open-ended. 

This post was made in collaboration with Pixowl, creators of The Sandbox. We are working with Pixowl to better understand teacher needs for innovative technologies like this in the classroom–both what we can provide educators, and how we can better design technology to meet educator’s unique needs.

Which is where your feedback comes in.

All responses will be confidential, and the data will only be used as a whole as we work with companies to better understand how to best support innovative learning, both within and outside of the classroom. And if you hate any of the questions, or can suggest better ones, please take to the comments below. We want to know!