The Impact Of Technology Aggregate: Symbiosis Between User & App

An aggregate of the best, in-depth thinking from around the web on the impact of technology and social media, curated by nathan jurgenson at Cyborgology.

There is an essential lack of any heroic narrative in most films about the second Gulf War

In twenty years universal television will be an everyday affair” (1927)

Romney campaign’s presence on Tumblr is more subdued

the apocalypse of the coming Reputation Market, in which all humans will be searchable, sortable and assigned a value by a judge, jury and executioner of their peers across the Internet

The pay-to-promote feature disrupts the interest-based algorithm

social media encourages thinking of authenticity as moment of external confirmation; others decide if you have been true to yourself

The symbiotic relationship between us and our apps will be seamless

there are two different settings for the privacy of your phone number in two different places. Because that’s the way Facebook rolls

ESC became a kind of “interrupt” button on the PC — a way to poke the computer and say, “Cut it out”

the concept of ‘internet addiction’ relies on a fundamental misunderstanding of what the internet is

Will there ever be a laptop that needs to be broken in, and improves as you use it?

With these gardens as crypto-water-computers, they were taking measurements of the universe

A troll exploits social dynamics like computer hackers exploit security loopholes

The point again is Internet is REAL & deciding that it’s unreal, virtual, trivial etc. is a function of the privilege it accords the denier

the fighting of war is now augmented – war by physical and digital means are now inseparable

there is no compelling evidence that any online dating matching algorithm actually works

Ensconced in the home, the 3-D printer is a step toward the replicator: a machine that can instantly produce any object with no input of human labor

Image attribution flickr user bmiphone