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A Simple Acronym For Encouraging Digital Citizenship

A Simple Acronym For Encouraging Digital Citizenship

by Terry Heick

Update: I’ve published this graphic twice now–two years ago with the original CC-licensed image, and this posting with an image that we created (that added an idea to the original), and both times I’ve received scolding emails (more than one) about the ‘irony’ of our ‘stealing’ other someone else’s work. I’m not sure what it is about this image specifically, but as a result, I’ve removed the image (it’s easy enough to find elsewhere) and won’t ever be share–here or via social media–the graphic again.

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I’m leaving an excerpt of the original post below, and may update the post with other resources so anyone that finds the post via Google won’t have wasted a click. I apologize to readers for the inconvenience, and am creating a TeachThought-specific framework that I hope is useful.

Digital citizenship, as we’ve theorized, has something to do with the “The quality of habits, actions, and consumption patterns that impact the ecology of digital content and communities.”

In education, we love acronyms and initialisms–IEP, PLC, PLN, GT, PGP, ECE, etc. They can help us reduce wordiness, or remember details or sequence. So here’s one to expressly promote digital citizenship that’s a bit less wordy than the one we shared in the past.

A Simple Acronym For Encouraging Digital Citizenship; encouraging digital citizenship; image attribution flickr user flickeringbrad