Five Ways Students Use Technology In The Classroom

The term “technology” is vague. In the right context, an arrowhead on the edge of a spear is technology.

How learners view technology is often very different than how educators see it–the former often seeing it in terms of social function, the latter in terms of logistics and teaching. The following infographic explores data points for how college undergraduate students see and value technology in the classroom.

Five Ways Students Use–And See!–Technology In The Classroom

1. By Device: smartphones, eReaders, tablets, etc.

2. Through Brands: Apple, Android, Nook, relevant apps, etc.

3. Via Mobile Function: accessing coursework, checking grades, etc.

4. To Access Learning Environments: eLearning, blended environments, formal and informal, etc.

5. For Constant Communication: with peers, with teachers, with institutions, etc.

Undergraduate Students & Technology
Infographic attribution bachelorsdegreeonline; image attribution flickr user usnavalwarcollege