An aggregated reading list of the best, in-depth thinking from around the web on the impact of technology and social media, curated by Nathan Jurgenson and Cyborgology.

There’s a strong, specifically technocratic conflation between efficiency and good in Silicon Valley

Drones date online, but drones don’t think about it the way that humans do

The Work of Art in the Age of the Internet

We have a billion folks using our services now, and we want to get to 3 or 5 billion one day

Throughout Zuckerberg’s talk, people and Facebook friends were used interchangeably

there is general, assumed agreement on what social media is even as there is significant doubt as to whether society exists

There’s a stereotypical Pinterest user and I can’t escape the feeling that it is what I have become

The Like button tears aside this veil to reveal the cloying, pathetic, Willy Lomanesque need of marketers to have their brands be well-liked

the collective value of all bitcoins has passed a billion dollars

Pa was a simple man, a techno-anarchist by trade, and long after the Bitcoin bust, he stayed on with the mining. “Don’t know nothin’ else, Ma said

Irene Serra chose the name -isq for her band deliberately to make it hard to find online

the public quickly accepts all the miracles that science provides (1948)

From paywalls to jargon to a tacit moratorium on social media, academics build careers through public disengagement

watching videos on the Internet & maybe writing a few very short essays that the professor never sees isn’t college

it is often difficult to distinguish between organized trolling and media linkbait

[Stanford] now looks like a giant tech incubator with a football team

the latest billboard for advertising is your own cellphone’s home screen

almost nobody genuinely desired a Facebook Phone

They don’t call it that in Rome

we live “in media”, not “with media”

Digital evidence led to convictions in Steubenville. Why cant it play the same role in the case of Rehtaeh Parsons?