A Simplified Bloom’s Taxonomy Poster For Students



Bloom’s taxonomy–and its cousins like Webb’s Depth of Knowledge content–are powerful frameworks for the planning of curriculum, assessment, and instruction.

At TeachThought, we’ve curated these in the past: 14 unique Bloom’s Taxonomy posters here, and even reviewed some alternatives to Bloom’s taxonomy as well.

So it’s no surprise that we found the following Bloom’s taxonomy poster (located on one of Erin Klein’s pinterest boards) interesting. It features a simple grid column layout with easy-to-understand language, vivid colors, and even traditional Bloom’s power verbs for each category.

Nice, simply, and functional. We’d love to provide a higher-res version of the graphic to everyone, so if you know who the original creator is please email us.

A Simplified Bloom’s Taxonomy Poster For Students