15 Presentation Tools for Teachers From edshelf


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Chris Beyerle, a math and engineering teacher from South Carolina, has put together a no-nonsense collection of software for creating digital presentations. You’ll find these staples in many other classrooms too, such as Keynote and Prezi. There’s also Doceri and Splashtop 2, apps that allow you to control and transmit from one device to another, as well as Educreations and ShowMe, apps that let you record video lessons on your iPad.

What tools do you use for creating presentations?

15 Presentation Tools for Teachers From edshelf

NOTE: Chris has added more tools to this collection since this article was published. The latest tools are reflected below.

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  • Cindy

    Thks Mike for this nice post.

    Do you know EWC Presenter ? I also been using this tool and I like it !

    Very easy to use. You can create animations, presentations, banner adds and so forth.

    Put some video and music on it and share it with your network.

  • Mark Newman

    There’s no link to the actual article, dummy web-designer!